Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When Stephen Hawking Speaks…Listen.

File Under: The Final Frontier

Pillars of Creation (c) 2008 Impact Lab

You might recall that recently the Vatican speculated that not only could life exist on other planets but also that these alien species would in turn be God’s children, though free of original sin. Crazy? Not according to renowned physicists Stephen Hawking, who believes that mathematically speaking the existence of aliens is “perfectly rational.” Hawking feels that the continued existence of humankind will depend on our colonizing space, which will intrinsically increase the likelihood of encountering alien species if they exist. Therefore, reason dictates we need to actively consider what these new species would be like and what their motivations will be.

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (c) 2010 Discovery Networks

However, Hawking admonishes do not expect the best from our first encounter with our prodigal space siblings. If God’s children on Earth are any indication of what to expect from his children from the stars, then they probably are imperialist bastards too – imperialist bastards with interstellar starships, sun-destroyers, wormhole generators, and quantum mega death-rays.

"Channel Zero" by Canibus from Can-I-Bus released 1998 on Fontana Universal

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