Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where are the Dads? The Sequel

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For those who missed part one of this discussion, you can find it here. The discussion surrounds the above-linked article and the question of why fathers are missing in today’s families.

That discussion on why fathers are or are not present continues. A respondent posited that Progressives believe children are a punishment that parents can choose to bear or not to bear. Further, this respondent wonders why a man would choose to be a father when the system can be father, mentor, friend, educator, and financier. What non-faith-based reason would anyone have to make such an absurd choice? Is abandonment not the male choice as abortion is the (so-called) female choice? What “functional reason” does a man have?

So we are still stumping for the non-Progressives and non-Secularists. All right. Well, unless someone snuck into my bedroom and Progressivized me while I was sleeping, because I am not to my knowledge a Progressive, I cannot speak to why Progressives feel the way they do about children other than to say maybe it is because their fathers abandoned them, they were not breastfed, or they were not hugged and told they were special and loved when they were children. I can say that Progressives, Right-to-Lifers, Liberals, Christian Conservatives, farmers, Purple-People-Eaters, and anyone-else-who-wants-to-pipe-in-on-the-subject be damned. People are the resource of a nation on a small scale and the human race on a large scale; in turn children are naturally wards of a state (entrusted to the care of parents) because beyond the family, beyond the community it is the government who (is supposed to) protect the people (in turn protecting the species). For those who want to want to postulate special circumstances and drawl on asking “what would you want to happen in X situation,” please refrain.

Animals cannot convene parliament but they do protect and rear their children. How much more so can humans? I am willing to wager that whether or not there is someone else, who could guide this child from infancy to adulthood, ever crosses the mind of men who find out the person they are sleeping with is pregnant, at least not in those terms at that moment of revelation. Reason, not religion, tells you that the rejection of a father is a powerful influence on the choices children ultimately make. I mean no historical people have ever grown up to be tyrannical stooges for racist, genocidal agendas because their fathers were hard on them. On the other hand, have they? Reason, not religion, makes one think ‘wow, it was hard on mom and I growing up, maybe I should stick this thing out.’ Reason, not religion, dictates there is an intelligent and reasonable way to use any machine or process; the reproductive process is no different. If you sign the check, you accept responsibility when the bank calls you on it. Reason, not religion, dictates you protect and nurture your legacy. Functional reason? Ask the fathers of LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, or Tiger Woods about functional reasons. It is about survival – of the individual, of the nation, and of the species. Just like the sheep who line up for slaughter in the Progressive machine, some men do not have survival instincts.

Why are the only two alternatives ever offered in today’s political climate either be the sheep of the Progressive Shepherds or the pawns of the *Insert Non-Progressive Group* Masterminds? Either the way you choose your plight is sacrifice and slaughter. Is it not high time we stop shaking sticks at the boogeyman in our collective closet? Why not assist the marginal adherents to a broken system who believe the system is repairable and who participate in the only meaningful way they can envision. Why demonize these people? Is Non-progressivism that important, that much better?

The welfare state is not new; the concept is as old as humankind is. However, our specific welfare system is new and was not a product of a perfect, well-balance society. It is here because society needs it. Fathers abandoning families, not fathers wanting a counterpart to abortion, is (one textbook) reason for welfare. I do not pretend that the government does not practice and thrive on social engineering. After all it is crucial to the survival of the government that it people need them. Simultaneously, I do not absolve anyone of personal choice and responsibility. When evil Progressives are silenced and no longer fashionable and whatever preferable non-Progressive group is in power they will continue the legacy of manipulation and control. What tool will they use? False freedom? Pseudo-autonomy? Will they prove themselves hypocrites and use some bastardized welfare state? I do not know. What I do know is that the puppeteers of this system, whomever they are, will need more than state-sponsored birth control, more than STDs, more than illicit drugs, more than the welfare state, more than selective law enforcement, more than unconstitutional legislation, more than economic disparity, more than invasion of privacy, more than partisan politics, and more than sectarian strife to suppress, control, or eradicate (when all else fails) me and those I intend to influence.

Responsibility is not a product of faith; it is a consequence of being. Right and wrong existed long before man invented religion. It would seem religion and faith is high-level thought processes while logic and survival are base level processes. If you have not made the correct decision by the time you reach the high thought part of your brain, then you are not likely to – at least not for the right reasons. The time and distance between reasoning and faith may be small scientifically speaking, but spiritually there is a vast chasm between the two. What would happen to lions if they stopped to think about whether it is morally acceptable to kill gazelles? What would happen to the victims of suicide bombers if the bombers had said ‘this is an illogical course of action?’ Some people unfortunately need logical, reasonable behavior codified and explained in complex metaphors, parables, and fables that in turn men and women of dubious motivation or personal character who have no real clue about what is going on in the universe – spiritually or physically – must decipher. Some people simply would not be able to handle this current life, without some promise of a new, better life to come. Some people cannot contemplate the possibility they are alone in the universe. Those are dangerous scenarios, but such individuals pose no threat so long as they do not become fanatical.

You ask, “What am I saying about religion?” Am I lambasting established faiths in favor of shiny, new secular religion? Of am I advising we scrap the concept of faith in totality? For the answer tune in next week, same Bane-time, same Bane-channel.

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