Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Would You Do?

File Under:  Think About It

What if human beings didn't give birth to live young?  What if they laid eggs like birds, reptiles or fish?  What if what you see in this picture is not the beginning of scrambled eggs, but rather the end of a human life, oozing out of that cracked shell?  Human beings might not be the only animals to kill the young, but humans are the only animals who willingly kill their own young.  Penguin fathers die in the freezing cold protecting their unborn children, because to them what is inside that egg isn't just alive, it is the future of all penguins as far as that father is concerned.  Is an unborn human any less important than an unborn penguin?

If in the mid-twentieth century Strict Constructionists had not fled the Democratic party, would the murder of unborn children be judged along party lines?  If humans did not carry babies inside them, would a father still have no say in the fate of his unborn child?  If all you had to think about is the person growing inside that egg, would the "Pro Choice" argument finally focus on the unborn human's rights?  If there were no GOD in a mystical far-off Heaven, would the wholesale slaughter of millions of future scientists, engineers, philosophers, and musicians be a good thing for humanity?

If you had to think about someone other than yourself, your rights, your choices, your ideas and beliefs ...if you had to think about someone else, some innocent as-yet-unborn person, their rights, their choices, their ideas and beliefs -- what would you choose?  If you could hold the essence of life in your hand, would you protect and preserve it -- or would you crush it and discard it like refuse?

"This Woman's Work (Director's Cut)" by Kate Bush from Director's Cut released 2011 on Fish People Music

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#LaRevolucion: Eyes Not Wide Shut

Reading about the documentary, “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire,” hosted by rapper and actor Ice-T, I had an epiphany.  I finally realized what the problem is: guns are not sexy. Not guns themselves, but the idea and those who represent that idea. I'm not saying Ice-T is not an attractive man. However, there is a certain segment of society who considers anything he has to say, no matter how right it is, to be fruit of the poisoned tree – especially if it is something they do not like or care about. They are prejudiced, and rightfully so if those prejudices are based solely upon his works as a younger man. The real problem is the Wayne LaPierres, the Larry Pratts, and the bow-tie-wearing Alan Gottliebs. They scream rich, white, stodgy, out-of-touch, aloof, abrasive, and corporate. And in Gottlieb's case, dorky and a little creepy. Frankly, the only thing unapologetic about being rich and white that remains popular right now is cheesecake, and even that could be burned upon the low-carb/no-carb cross at any moment. Moreover, when the CEO of Bushmaster breaks a six-month silence to comment on the tragedy of Newtown and what he has to say is about as deep as a kiddy-pool, you really begin to not want to invite Second Amendment Advocates over for dinner.  They are desperately in need of some "regular guy" in black-face to shuck-and-jive and show Americans that guns are OK, cool, and sexy.

"I would like to talk to you about protecting your civil liberties from encroachment by your corrupt government officials"  Did you say it in Snape's voice?

In contrast, who doesn't want to have dinner with Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Beyonce, Will Ferrell, or even Barack Obama? They are sexy, talented, smart, funny, and charming; but most important they are famous and adored by millions. They are in the business of being likable, and have cadres of lawyers, accountants, and bodyguards to see to the liberties they encourage you to disregard as they sit isolated in in their gated communities on hill-top mansion estates. In a world where Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne can not only be considered musicians, but also be wildly successful or where Jersey Shore is entertainment is it any wonder nobody cares about serious things like Constitutional Rights or government corruption?

"I'm Morgan Freeman, and this is Matt Damon.  I think you should let Matt Damon have his way with your daughters.  And don't go listening to those cookey conspiracy theorists either.  Your government loves you and is here to protect and serve.  Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman ...Morgan Freeman."

To all the flannel shirt-clad, Pabst Blue Ribbon hipsters born after 1989, they think revolutionaries are convicted felons or the likes of Che Guevara because their formerly anti-American, ex-convict professors or some ex-convict musician told them so. At the other end of the spectrum are the battered, betrayed, and frightened individuals, from boomers to 70s babies, whose economic trains ran out of fuel long ago and who are now merely hoping they can pay for that hipster's education and coast into retirement in one piece. America is choking to death on the Left/Right Paradigm, and those vacuous celebrities are so well-liked because they are the icing and cherries on a crap cake. Celebrities make the common people feel good about how bad things are, ignore how bad things will become, and feel happy or righteous doing doing absolutely nothing of meaning about it.

I get it: you have a lot on your plates; you have been lied to, used, and abused; and, you are just plain old sick and tired. I get it, I honestly do. However, it is not our piece of icing and sprinkle-covered excrement cake passed off as The American Dream that is at stake here. We are fighting for so much more than that. The decisions we make, the causes we support, and the stands we take are all for the future of America and the future of the world. We can not allow a mindless face-for-hire to dictate to us what is beneficial or detrimental for us and our families. We must dig deep into our hearts and souls for personal truth, use our own minds to think logically, and use our own voice to speak our will into existence. The time is now to do away with superficial values or distractions. Refuse to prostrate yourself before the false idols set before you on your TV screens by the media, corporations, and government – and cast them down. A revolution is coming. The world as we know it is ending. You have to decide for yourself whether it will be a good change or a bad change – whether it will be a world in which you wish to live.

"Arrival to Earth" by Steve Jablonsky from Transformers: The Score released 2007 on Warner Bros.