Sunday, July 4, 2010

To America, Whom I Love

File Under: America, The Beautiful

Copyright (c) 2010 Phill Petrovic

Two hundred thirty-four years ago, a bold experiment in democracy began. Fed up with the tyranny of a crown that demanded remittances from afar yet refused to include its loyal subjects in the determination of their own fates, a handful of lawyers, doctors, farmers, and various businessmen came together under the idea that a country should be governed by a body accountable to and representative of its people. These idealistic individuals initiated and successfully fought one of the most important rebellions in history. This rebellion would be the first ringing of the death knell for oligarchies, imperialism, and political oppression. From the fires of freedom and liberty, forged on the anvil of justice, and quenched in the waters of self-determination would come one of the most illustrious republics in history – the United States of America.

For all her experiences, America is yet a young nation.
For all her accomplishments, she has only scratched the surface.
For all her majesty, she is still flawed.
For all her progress, she has yet far to go.
For all her wealth, her citizens are still impoverished.
For all her wisdom, she still has much to learn.
For all her strength, she still has moments of weakness.
For all her leadership, she still follows.
For all her unity, she is yet divided.
For all her clarity, she still has turmoil.
America you are wonderfully, beautifully, magnificently imperfect,
And for this reason, we your faithful, grateful sons and daughters love you.

Happy Birthday America, and may we all be blessed.

Is a protest song supposed to make you feel patriotic? Perhaps. This song always made me feel proud of the mistakes and struggles America has made as a nation because we never give in to the forces that conspire to destroy freedom and democracy - no matter if those forces are from within or without. This is a true anthem for the modern American experience, from a monolithic singer-songwriter and lover of America.

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