Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last Word

The Last Word
File Under: If You Can't Say Anything Nice

So humanity and Earth survived another apocalypse. I am thrilled, truly. Far too few of us “good guys” made it to the end of this year to celebrate that accomplishment, and for many of those who did that is the highlight reel. We made it. Another year in the books. We weren't defeated, we didn't quit – we survived. I labored long and hard over what to say in this my final words of 2012. Should I be melancholy, should I be pithy, should I be inspirational? In all honesty, I feel none of the above. I'm tired of sadness, 2012 has shown me I know less than I ever thought, and inspiration is as scarce as common sense and cheap ammunition right now. So what will I say about 2012? Maybe our friend Monty Python can give me the words:

Universe, you kicked our asses in 2012. You tested us. You pushed us beyond our limits. You showed us our weaknesses. You found the cracks in our armor. You bent us. You divided us. You isolated us. You left us in the cold and the dark. You tried to break us. But you failed. I can see already you are coming around for another pass. 2012 was not your year and 2013 isn't looking good for you either. Sadness was so 2012, I'm feeling defiant – I feel like believing. Bring it.

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