Friday, March 8, 2013

#BargainNinja: My First Time

Adventures In Couponing

All right, it wasn't quite like this, but it was close.

I just so happened to be running low on frozen entrees and supplements, and both were on sale at various places this week.  This was doubly fortuitous as I was also very anxious to get out there and apply my ninja strategery in the field.  I loaded up my loyalty cards with coupons, printed out a few more, checked all the sales flyers, made a list, check it twice (O.K., I half-checked it one time and wound up missing out on a $2.00 off deal) and then headed out into battle.  Here is a breakdown of what I got and how I made out:

Two-day Trip @ Rite Aid Pharmacy and Kroger Supermarket
$ 20.49 Nature Made Supplement Multi-Pack
$ 19.49 Nature Made Herbal Supplement
$ 18.79 Nature Made Nutritional Supplement
$ 17.49 Nature Made Dietary Supplement
$ 05.29 Nature Made Mineral Supplement
$ 40.00 Weight Watchers Smart Ones (20 x 1 @ 5/$10.00)
$ 06.18 Weight Watchers Smart Ones (2 x $3.09)
$ 02.50 Yoplait Greek Yogurt (2 x $1.25)
$ 130.23 Total retail price
$ 18.50 Nature Made BOGO 50% off savings
$ 10.50 Loyalty card savings
$ 10.10 Coupon savings (5 Coupons))
$ 10.50 eCoupon savings
$ 49.60 Total savings
38% off Total discount
$ 80.63 Final price
$ 10.00 additional loyalty card savings toward future purchase
+ 450.0 Nature Made wellnessREWARD$ points
$ 07.00 Nature Made coupon (redeemed for 500 wellnessREWARD$ points)
+ 0048.0 Fuel points (52 total; 52% to $0.10 off per gal of gas)

While I didn't exactly slay 'em where they stood by getting massive amounts of free stuff, I am nevertheless proud of this step towards being more frugal.  I even managed to net $0.10 off per gallon of gas at Exxon when I purchased a chest deep freezer on sale for $99.99.  That combined with the almost $50.00 bucks I saved will come in handy when I need to fill up the tank in a few days.  If you believe a penny saved is a penny earned, it will be like paying $21.40 to fill up a 20 gallon tank -- that's $1.07 per gallon!  That is nothing to shake a stick at for sure.  I am all-in-all pleased with the results, and look forward to improving my bargain hunting skills in future outings.  As far as first times go ...I've had worse.

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