Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Moment of Choice

File Under: Conundrums and Other Oddities

If you would take a moment to read the following and respond to the survey, I would greatly appreciate your feedback.  Thank you.

"Circles" by Incubus from Morning View released 2001 on Epic/Immortal


  1. I have to say, this is quite... frustrating. I have a hard time understanding the point of this, sorry bro. Although doing nothing will save more kids, I would not be able doing nothing. Logic would state that if I do nothing to begin, more children would survive, so what's to say that if I do nothing for those 10 and do something for the others, the greater would survive. Without knowing the threat at hand, how can a situation be assess? For sure I would go to save the more, sacrificing my own kids. I'm the kind of person that would be able to do it. But the fact remains, this is, and excuse my French, a fucked up scenario.
    - Jacques Guilbault

  2. I'm saving my own child. Ultimately I am responsible to my own child first.