Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Would You Do?

File Under:  Think About It

What if human beings didn't give birth to live young?  What if they laid eggs like birds, reptiles or fish?  What if what you see in this picture is not the beginning of scrambled eggs, but rather the end of a human life, oozing out of that cracked shell?  Human beings might not be the only animals to kill the young, but humans are the only animals who willingly kill their own young.  Penguin fathers die in the freezing cold protecting their unborn children, because to them what is inside that egg isn't just alive, it is the future of all penguins as far as that father is concerned.  Is an unborn human any less important than an unborn penguin?

If in the mid-twentieth century Strict Constructionists had not fled the Democratic party, would the murder of unborn children be judged along party lines?  If humans did not carry babies inside them, would a father still have no say in the fate of his unborn child?  If all you had to think about is the person growing inside that egg, would the "Pro Choice" argument finally focus on the unborn human's rights?  If there were no GOD in a mystical far-off Heaven, would the wholesale slaughter of millions of future scientists, engineers, philosophers, and musicians be a good thing for humanity?

If you had to think about someone other than yourself, your rights, your choices, your ideas and beliefs ...if you had to think about someone else, some innocent as-yet-unborn person, their rights, their choices, their ideas and beliefs -- what would you choose?  If you could hold the essence of life in your hand, would you protect and preserve it -- or would you crush it and discard it like refuse?

"This Woman's Work (Director's Cut)" by Kate Bush from Director's Cut released 2011 on Fish People Music

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