Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Darkest Night

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Life would be much easier if we were clairvoyant, but unfortunately none of us knows the day, date, hour and minute of our salvation. We only have our experiences and those of others upon which to draw.  If one can see  a theme in those experiences it is that most individuals never achieved anything worthwhile and lasting without some hardship or even a little suffering. In our darkest moments, we all crave the light at the end of the tunnel  that signals our trial is nearing an end.  However, the light does not magically appear because we want to see it there, it appears because we have moved closer to it - by some effort, in furtherance of a plan. I can list any number of things I believe are worth attaining in life, but only an individual can determine what is worth fighting for to him or her. Regarding our bleakest moments as humans, a saying on trials states that "the darkest hour is just before dawn," meaning the hardship seems the worst just before a breakthrough; more simply, there is hope even in the most dire situations. If this is your darkest hour, then now is the time for the most monumental perseverance you have ever mustered. Do not make the mistake of persevering in the same old thinking or disproved methods, rather persevere in a concrete plan to achieve better results regardless of the cost and achieve those things you determined were worth fighting for. In your individual darkest night be the change your are looking for, be your own light at the end of your tunnel.

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