Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yes. NOW I Am Proud Again.

File Under: Keep Calm and STFU

One should recognize the difference between counting your blessings, gratitude, appreciation or other similar terms and genuine pride. To illustrate I am glad my nephew was victorious when he beat the loud-mouth punk in school in as much as he stood up for himself without receiving serious injury, but I am not proud of the way he decided to resolve the situation when he had better alternatives. I am appreciative of the relatively comfortable life I enjoy here in America. I am appreciative of the sacrifice of our soldiers and their families. I am -PROUD- of those soldiers. I am not, however, proud of what our elected representatives (of any party) have done with the freedom secured by that sacrifice. To the world, America is its media or its government, they do not get to know the John and Jane Q Publics. By our actions or inactions we create or allow to exist that image, and that image (despite all of our best efforts) is a shameful one. We have been trying to create a "more perfect union" for over 225 years, when will we actually do it?

Why this was something to latch onto for Obama detractors, I do not know. Why this found its way onto someone's wall three years after the people spoke and elected their president in a democratic election, I do not know.  Why this is relevant on 9/11, a day for remembrance, solidarity and vigilance, I do not know. What I do know is Mr. Levin and his ilk are a blight upon this world.  You Mr. Levin do not have exclusive ownership of America or what it means to be American.  Moreover, you certainly do not have an understanding of the things you so self-righteously claim as your achievements.  No one is ignoring our progresses, we are saying they are not enough. Be a real journalist or better yet do not.  Just stop hogging American idealism and polluting my air waves with your vitriol and partisanship that inspires the aberrantly vocal minority to which you cater.

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