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Why Barefoot and Pregnant Is Best...

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Decades after the Bicentennial women in the United States still feel the squeeze of societal control.
I guess that makes the U.S. pretty extreme also, huh?

...For corrupt, power-hungry governments.  Got your attention? Great!  It is ironic that Clinton jabs religion but doesn't realize that it is also the answer to her own question.  Examining Judeo-Christian mythology:

The Devil also sought to attack (control) the younger Eve, rather than the older Adam in the parable of the Garden of Eden. Why? If you want to win a logic-based argument do you attack a 15-year-old or a 50-year-old?  I supposed it greatly depends on the intelligence and wisdom of each.  The Devil recognized his ploy was a one-shot deal, and he knew that the older, wiser Adam was not going to believe his argument about the knowledge of Good and Evil or being like God.  However, without Adam's cooperation the Devil's plot would have failed completely - they both had to eat the fruit.  Despite knowing better, Adam would eat the fruit if Eve implored him to do so, and if he knew Eve had already eaten it because Adam did not wish to live without Eve.  Therefore, by controlling the woman, the Devil controlled the man, thus controlling the family, thus controlling everything that spawned from it - humanity and the world.

Over the centuries, other institutions have knowingly or unknowingly borrowed from the same playbook.  The mother is the bedrock, the very foundation of the family and thus society.  If you can control her then you can destabilize the family and control society.  That was considerably easier to do in the days of patriarchal, theistic societies but has become harder with the advent of modern industrialized nations.  No longer is the woman kept hidden away at home, uneducated, cooking, cleaning, and raising children.

Even in the West, control of women has greased the wheels of democracy and capitalism.  When women broke through financial, secular, and political barriers - the machine responded by breaking apart the traditional family, increasing the income disparity between men and women, and creating the Welfare State to keep families dependent upon institutions.  Why? They would use the maternal bond - physical, emotional, spiritual - against women to control them and the children (future cogs in the machine) left behind once they split up the family.  With dad out of the picture the last line of defense to the Precious are the women, for as the saying goes: the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.  There you have it Madam Secretary, mystery solved.

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