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Like A Boss

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President's Day: February 18, 2013
Despite current trends in politics the President has never been a lawmaker his or herself.  The President has always been, in addition to the face and voice of America, an enforcer of the will of the people, and a protector of the Constitution.  The President preserves the sovereignty, security, and unity of the Union.  Further, the President guides Congress and other representatives, both elected and appointed, in their mission of creating policy foreign and domestic policies that foster equality, democracy, prosperity and goodwill for and between America and our allies.  And when any of those are violated by evil and tyranny, the President leads the American people in the war to secure them again.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.  Although by and large crown-wearing has gone out of mode, being the head of state is still a weighty job.  For good, bad, or ugly each of these 21 former Presidents has been the head honcho helping Congress reach a quorum and representing the American people to the nations of the world during crucial periods of United States history.  Which one of these individuals legacy of political path-finding has left the most indelible mark upon America?

"Black President" by Nas from Untitled Album released 2008 on IDJ / Columbia Records

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