Friday, February 22, 2013

The Only YouTube Ad I Ever Didn't Skip

File Under:  Think About It

Why?  Very simply, TED presents some of the most brilliant modern thinkers, most of whom (unlike your garden variety politician) are working on real solutions to the actual problems humanity faces.  Therefore, when TED talks, Bane listens -- and so should you:

Fascinating, Hollander really helps illuminate the situation and put it in perspective.  This is really the direction our energy policy needs to be going.  How do we simultaneously help alternative energy technologies go mainstream without abandoning our still very viable, profitable legacy technologies based on coal/oil/gas and without disastrous levels of deregulation?  Answering that would be the Holy Grail of energy independence and sustainability.

"Only So Much Oil In the Ground" by Tower of Power from Urban Renewal released 1975 on Warner Bros. / Wea

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