Saturday, January 23, 2010

China to U.S.: “Bite Me!” and Jesus Wants to Be Your Friend on MySpace

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Min Dahong (Reuters article) wants everyone to know that despite evidence and proof to the contrary China is the most democratic, liberal, free, and human rights friendly state in the world. The Internet, TV, radio, and print media for decades have all conspired to present China as a totalitarian bully. What does Chairman Dahong say of Google, Inc. and Hillary Clinton’s allegations of cyber espionage and censorship? LIES! Why do these people seriously make these statements? Just admit you oppress your people and let the world move on. Well, Min Dahong, you can relax. No, the world does not believe China is a shining example of liberty and freedom of information over the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. However, the West will be outraged for a brief moment and it will ultimately not levy any serious economic or political sanctions at the world’s largest economy. I will say though, if a butterfly flapping its wings in Borneo sets off a chain of random and stupid events that allow this to conflagrate into WW3, consider me pissed in advanced.

In addition, on other uses of the Internet, Pope Benedict has a simple message (Reuters article) for Catholic priests – Get them while they are young (no snickering!). The formerly technophobic Pontiff agrees the church has majorly failed to capitalize on the “rich menu of options” available through the Internet. So the Catholic Church wants to get in on Social Networking does it? It is a logical move, after all Jesus did love the kids. This could be an excellent opportunity at minimum to provide access to spiritual structure and dialogue, which might have previously seemed far too intimidating, restrictive, or staid for a youth population woefully lacking in direction. Wait, not so fast my Papal pal! John 6:44 (NIV Bible) states: “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” So does this mean Jesus’ profile is private? I hope we do not have to decipher his Captcha in Hebrew – “Hey dude, is this a Yodh or an Aleph?” That would just be annoying.

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