Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Think, Therefore I Am Better than You

File under: Check Your Integrity at the Door

When I saw the link to the above video, I thought it would lead to a serious organization convincing people to sign a real petition. I put my prejudice cap on and prepared to laugh at some woefully misguided, overfunded interest group waiting to fail. I would listen to their points and summarily reject them as rubbish, feeling good about myself for being a conscientious and fair-minded proponent of democracy. You see, a great many statutes and amendments have come, gone, come back, and left again in 200 plus years. The First Amendment has not been and will not be among that number. Therefore, I was not really shocked, appalled, or even worried about such an initiative. That said this video is much worse than what I thought.

I am not certain if this video intends to be humorous or informative – it fails in both regards. Let us secretly video tape the unintelligent, ignorant, or indisposed attempting to reason and then snicker at them for failing. Why not place Christians in an arena and watch them fight lions while we are at it? We have surpassed the need for reality entertainment that fuels itself with the inabilities and inadequacies of others. No, wait...that is not true. At any rate, if this is supposed to be some sort of empirical social experiment, again, it is lacking. It goes without saying that more Americans than we would like to admit have a limited at best grasp of sociopolitical awareness or civic concepts. Further, not everyone with the right to vote is of near-genius intellect or has the synaptic acuity of a fresh, young mind.

Should we consider this situation humorous? No. Ignorance AND Intellectual snobbery are fruit of the same poison tree you so wholeheartedly lambast. As a member of the intellectual elite, one should work that much harder to inform the masses and uncover the truths the author claims to represent. I can only assume the author feels this is the best use of the First Amendment he lampoons the people for not knowing or supporting. This is not activism, this is not patriotism, and it is not journalism. This is a sensational ploy to promote oneself at the expense of others. Is this what it really takes to get the word out there? I certainly hope not, because I have a hard time committing gross acts of public hackery. Now everyone please sing along with me...

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